Air condition cleaning service

When are we should cleaning room air condition

  • Air conditioner take too much time for cooling, not cooling, and slight breeze.
  • Air conditioner is leaked (water drop), Air condition is clogged.
  • Air conditioner smells like be musty, be mold

Our cleaning service

  • We did used specialisted technician for do cleaning.
  • Our technician very carefully to disassemble and reassemble air conditioner for do cleaning.
  • Take cover for protect room stuffs.
  • Use high pressure for do cleaning both of evaporator in the room, condenser in balcony, and also clean filter.
  • Do cleaning drain pipe.
  • Check wind speed before cleaning and after did cleaning.

Service fee

Starting price is just only 800 THB.
*** Depend on air condition size (BTU)


  • Fill refrigerant.

Fill refrigerant service. When’s air condition is not cooling, service fee is depend on amount of refreigerant added.


You can direct contact for reserve below

Please inform your information
1. Date/Time for do cleaning
2. How many room air contioner and How much size of air conditioner (BTU)